International students of JMI participate in the cultural experience activity of "International view of Nanjing, beautiful trip to Jiangning country"

Publisher:系统管理员Release Time:2019-12-11Number Of Visits:458

On the morning of June 15, the School of International Education of JMI, together with Chunhua sub-district office and Jiangning University City International Community, went to Machang mountain to carry out the activity of "International view of Nanjing, beautiful trip to Jiangning country". Chunhua sub-district office, leaders of Jiangning University City International Community, teachers of School of International Education and all international students participated in the activity.

First of all, the overseas students visited the Duorouge farm in Machang mountain village and watched the current popular cash crops. They had a strong interest in the maze of plants, the kingdom of multi meat and soilless cultivation. They also had a certain understanding of the development trend of modern agriculture in China. Later, the overseas students went to the "Three Kingdoms Village" to appreciate the historical customs of the Three Kingdoms period. At last, all the staff visited the cottages of Machang village and the farmland on both sides of the road. The overseas students were deeply impressed by the large-scale mechanization of agricultural production in China.

Through participating in this activity, the international students visited Jiangning new countryside, had a deep understanding of China's new rural construction and China's agricultural modernization production technology, and enhanced their sense of identity with Chinese culture.