Principal Wen Huabing Was Invited to Give a Keynote Speech at the Advanced Training Class of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

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From October 31st to November 4th, the Advanced Training Course on Green Ship Advanced Technology under the Dual Carbon Background organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security was held at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. Zhang Qiangqiang, Dean of the School of Continuing Education for Chinese Shipbuilding Engineers, hosted the opening ceremony of the advanced training course. Professor Wen Huabing, our college’s principal, was invited to give a keynote speech on Development of the Shipbuilding and Marine Industry and Low-Carbon Technology.

Professor Wen Huabing's theme report covered two topics. The topic of Current Situation and Future of Jiangsu Shipbuilding and Marine Industry Development focused on analyzing the current development status, market characteristics, technological innovation achievements, opportunities and challenges faced by Jiangsu's shipbuilding and marine industry. The topic of  Low-Carbon Technology for Ship focused on the requirements of international conventions and regulations, the current status of energy conservation and emission reduction, the application of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies. After class, in-depth discussions were conducted with students on the development and application of green ships.