Good News: One Project of Our College Has Been Approved by the National Natural Science Foundation

Publisher:英文站Release Time:2023-09-25Number Of Visits:10

On August 24th, National Natural Science Foundation of China announced the evaluation results of 2023 application projects. The project Research on Controllable Preparation and Mechanism of Layered Heterogeneous Titanium Alloys Based on Double Stage Plastic Deformation applied by Professor Gu Yanxia from School of Marine Electrical and Intelligent Engineering of our college, has been approved (project approval number: 52305365, approved funding of 300000 yuan).

This is the second time our school has won the approval of a national scientific research project. The project leader, Ms. Gu Yanxia, has been focusing on high-level scientific research for many years. Under the guidance of industry experts, she has been continuously implementing the related researches and improving the research methods.

In recent years, our college has held several lectures on improving scientific research capabilities and providing guidance for application for the high-level research projects. Our college has invited experts to provide one-on-one guidance on key application projects, encouraging teachers to participate in academic exchange activities and continuously improving their research quality by creating a good atmosphere. We will continue to build an efficient research platform, utilize resources, improve mechanisms, and create a good research environment and academic atmosphere for teachers. We hope that teachers and researchers can actively apply for high-level research projects and continue to work hard to make new achievements.